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Entry #2

Inspire me

2007-11-29 15:37:56 by Imperial-hellkite

Inspire me to finish my Madness flash (for more info on it and a nice picture check my first post) !

I've animated about 1 minute of it so far, lots of blood but I'm going into SO much detail and it's really getting tedious and harder to do; I've past the 60 layer mark now and I need inspiration to continue.

Let me know that there are people out there that want this finished! That I'm not working for no reason!


Inspire me


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2007-11-29 18:11:35

The one thing that many Madness animators lose, inspiration and interest. It takes so long, so you get kind of bored, and in need of inspiration. I'd suggest watching a few animation around here, a violent movie or animated film, listen to some pumin' music, do something to get your fat ass out of that chair!




2008-02-16 19:06:02

Well, you made that animation for me pretty Fast, so yeah, im looking forward to it, but try to have some kind of guy with powers, but dont completely rip jesus from Madness Combat, try to make up your own guys, and even do some of your own art, but if you must use sprites, I have a sheet with the latest and up todate ones.
Let me know.


2008-02-26 17:30:34

Are u useing sprites?

Imperial-hellkite responds:



2008-04-27 08:02:39

you should try animate something else.... because you ain't good at making madness