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Inspire me

2007-11-29 15:37:56 by Imperial-hellkite

Inspire me to finish my Madness flash (for more info on it and a nice picture check my first post) !

I've animated about 1 minute of it so far, lots of blood but I'm going into SO much detail and it's really getting tedious and harder to do; I've past the 60 layer mark now and I need inspiration to continue.

Let me know that there are people out there that want this finished! That I'm not working for no reason!


Inspire me

Madness Movie!

2007-10-14 15:19:03 by Imperial-hellkite

I'm making a new madness cartoon, so far I've animated about 40 seconds of it and it is teh pwn.

I'll take my time on it so it'll be really good and fun to watch and I'm not going stingy on the blood :D

It is basically only tweened but I don't care since fbf for me is jumpy and tweens are fun to use, have a screenshot of it!

Tell me if you have any ideas at all and I'll contact you about them, also it needs a name! Please help :c


Madness Movie!